Trusted Relationships, Proven Expertise

Established in 2009, XCBG International has proven expertise in diverse industries, across markets in over 30 Countries around the World. Over the past few years Beacon has worked diligently to establish the relationships that help your products and services reach around the world.

Our multi-national, multi-industry, network has been built from respect and understanding of diverse cultures. We have personnel willing to give your business around the clock attention at our locations in throughout the South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Furthermore, with representation in over 30 countries, our network and reputation for excellence allows your company to develop lasting personal connections.

XCBG International offers trusted and long lasting relationships that allow your company to efficiently:

  • Introduce products and services to the global markets
  • Increase the market share of products/services
  • Recognize investment opportunities applicable to your business
  • Operate at a fraction of the cost of establishing an in-house export department
  • Identify regional manufactures capable of supporting your business needs

A familiarity of language and culture allows XCBG to provide exceptional services across industries including:

  • Project Management of, and Investmentin all sectors and industires
  • Marketing and Import/Export Managementof al products and services
  • Identification and negotiation with local contractors and equipment suppliers across multiple industries

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